Reasons You’ll Love the New Dineen Hall

  1. It’ll be great to pursue excellence in a building that’s already achieved it.
  2. If you’re planning to enroll in Fall 2014, you’ll spend three years in one of the best law school buildings in the country. And it’s going to have that great new library smell for a long time.
  3. Being able to learn, collaborate and communicate better with fellow students and faculty mentors can’t be a bad thing.
  4. Our nearly 10,000 alumni—in every state and around the world—are part of the greatest professional network you can find.
  5. Having the best in technology and innovation directly integrated into your law school experience can only help you be a better professional when you graduate.
  6. The green rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the Onondaga Valley, which is still really beautiful in January.
  7. When you need to take a break, we’re in the center of everything: the excitement of the Carrier Dome, the shops and eateries on Marshall Street, the bustle of Campus West and the fun of Downtown Syracuse, it’s all right here.
  8. If you’re looking to do law school with style, check out the fully furnished apartments available at Campus West.
  9. LEED environmental certification? As part of Greening the Orange, Syracuse University continues to be a leader in promoting and practicing sustainability with every new building on campus.
  10.  If you’re looking for the incredible value of a joint degree, we’re a short walk to all of our nationally recognized joint degree schools. Can you say value add?
  11. Did you ever think you’d have the opportunity to break-in a brand new law school? Sneakers, maybe. But, a law school?
  12. You’re studying among the next generation of global leaders, entrepreneurs, and scholars.
  13. It makes good sense–an innovative new building just seems appropriate for a recognized leader in law school innovation